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Wildfire Wins Extreme

What is this tingling feeling in your fingertips? The new, energizing Wildfire Wins Extreme! Push the button - push the limits, and charge your day with something much stronger than coffee.


Beware of the Wilds here. These things go all out to take over the whole field. As soon as one lands, it immediately tries to spread to the entire reel, and the chances it succeeds are pretty high!


Watch the roaring electricity jump from one symbol to another, and catch the lightning to trigger the Wildfire Respins feature that turns your symbols into Sticky Wilds. Once you turn all your symbols into Sticky Wilds, you’ll be rewarded with stunning multipliers!


Wildfire Wins Extreme

Have you tried all these insane roller coasters, and nothing seems to be able to amuse you anymore? Watch this! Grab 3 Bonus symbols and spin the Wildfire Wheels to the absolute extreme. Just give it a try, it will blow your mind! Especially if you hit the top prize of 10,000x your bet!


Stay cool, and remember: Wildfire Wins Extreme is the only safe place where you can play with electricity!


Expanding Wilds

Wildfire Respins

The Electric Wilds are entirely unrestrained in this lightning world! As soon as one lands, it immediately tries to spread to the entire reel with its electric tentacles.


Tame this roaring lightning element! Any win with at least one electrically charged symbol triggers Wildfire Respins and “activate” this symbol. Activated special symbols are tracked on a collection meter. The feature will continue as long as at least one more new charged low symbol takes part in a win and becomes activated each spin.


When a special symbol is activated, all special symbols of the same kind become Sticky Wilds, and remain in place for the duration of the feature. Also, every spin Sticky Wilds can overcharge and become x2 Multiplier Wilds!


Activate all possible symbols, and when the game field is already crackling with the current, hit one last Respin with a stunning random Multiplier - 2x, 3x, 5x, or 10x!

Wildfire Wheels

Recharge your life with some new breathtaking experiences: land 3 Bonus symbols in Base Game or Wildfire Respins and spin the Wildfire Wheels to the absolute extreme! Challenge the Wheels, and they will charge your wallet with decent cash prizes from 1x to 250x bet. Or give it your best shot and hit the Golden Wheel with your luck to win the top prize of 10,000x your bet!

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