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Trojan Kingdom

Enter the majestic Trojan Kingdom and witness how the myth of untold riches comes to life among the perfect shapes of its classic architecture.


Meet two young rulers who dared to challenge the gods - the Blue Queen and her Red Warrior.


Who will accompany you on the road to a legend?


Trojan Kingdom

The Blue path holds the enigma of Beauty. The young Queen keeps the secret of endless riches inside the mysterious Trojan Horse. Win over the Queen in her favorite Bonus coin game and become the wealthiest person in Troy!


The Red path contains the enigma of Power. Join the Free Spins contest among the most prominent Trojan warriors and win Multiplied prizes for your valor! Enter the Hall of Fame in Super Free Spins and write your name in history as the Multipliers Conqueror!


Uncover the mysteries of this majestic duo and build your legendary Kingdom!


Bonus Symbols

Wild Scrolls

The Blue Queen scatters her precious Blue Bonus Symbols all over the Kingdom to find her perfect match because legend says that only the chosen one can collect all the Queen’s Tokens and become her Champion. 


Each Bonus Symbol that lands in Base Game is added to its respective Bonus Holder atop the associated reel advancing it by 1. When the Bonus Holder is full, the next spin will activate the Wild Scroll feature. Also, every token is collected in the Queen's Bonus area and can trigger Queen’s Bonus Game randomly if the Queen notices your affection for her.


Countless odes to the Queen’s beauty are written in the Wild Scrolls! These are Sticky Expanding Wilds that can be activated in Base Game, Free Spins, and Super Free Spins. When the Wild Scrolls feature is triggered on any reel, a Wild Symbol will appear on the top of that reel (in Base Game) or on the current position of the triggering Regular Wild (in Free Spins and Super Free Spins). For each game round, the Wild will expand down one step until it reaches the bottom position.


Free Spins

Super Free Spins

To join the Free Spins contest of noble warriors, land 3 Red Free Spins symbols and begin your valiant Hero Path! At the start of the Free Spins battle, the Queen will mark you as her Champion with an active Wild Scroll on reel 3, starting from the top reel position. During each spin, there is a chance to land more Wild Symbols that will turn into Wild Scrolls starting from the landing position and grant extra Free Spins!


The fierce Free Spins battle with 2x Multiplier will last to the last fighter until at least 1 Wild is visible on the reels representing the most enduring Hero.

Perform feats of might and collect medals of Honor shaped as Red Free Spins symbols. Every 2 symbols collected will increase the Super Free Spins Meter in Base Game by 1 point. When your fame reaches 20 points, you’ll be invited into the divine championship! The next time the Free Spins contest is triggered by landing 3 Free Spins symbols, the feature will launch in an enhanced mode.


Enter the Hall of Fame in Super Free Spins, enjoy a laudatory ode in your honor written in 2 starting Wild Scrolls on reels 2 and 4, Multiply your powers by 7x, challenge the gods, and win countless riches of mighty Troy!

Every spin, there is a chance to land more Wild Symbols that will turn into Wild Scrolls epic odes starting from the landing position and grant extra Super Free Spins!


Queen’s Bonus Game

The Young Queen, who is famous for her mysterious unworldly beauty, receives precious gifts from admirers worldwide. Her impressive treasury is hidden inside a Trojan Horse, and only those who can solve the Queen’s Blue Bonus Symbols riddle are allowed in. Keep collecting her tokens, and one day she’ll invite you to enter the Trojan Horse treasury. Win over the Queen in a match-3 coin game and get one of the 4 Gifts of Beauty - 15x, 40x, 250x, or 10,000x bet!

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