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​Stallion Kingdom

Embark on our Stallion Kingdom™ adventure in the captivating wilderness, where the open landscape stretches as far as the eye can see. A tapestry of vibrant colours unfolds across the expansive open landscape. A beautiful mix of colours dances in the soft breeze among the moving wildflowers, creating a magical light. Gather coins, power up the wild holder, and summon a magnificent stacked wild Stallion to illuminate your reels. Pursue the excitement of frequent wins, and witness the screen come alive with Wild Stallions for immense satisfaction!


Stallion Kingdom

Experience the excitement of Free Spins with a growing multiplier after each spin. Enjoy lasting sessions as long as valuable Stallion Wilds grace your reels. Guaranteed Stallion Wild stacks in the middle reel kick off the action, expanding with each spin for bigger wins. Super Free Spins crank up the thrill with a 5x starting Multiplier and two Stallion Wilds stacks for even more chances at big payouts. Collect electrifying Thunder Tokens for a stormy adventure! Trigger the Bonus games and join a lightning dance with mystical Thunderbird, where everyone's a winner. Pick one of the four guaranteed Jackpot prizes in this electrifying sky-high showdown.


Bonus Game

Free Spins

Gather the awesome Thunder Tokens and unleash the Bonus Game extravaganza! Get ready to soar into the electrifying skies for a dance-off with a mystical thunderbird. Brace yourself for a thunderous good time, where everyone comes out a winner! You'll have a dazzling array of 12 picks at your fingertips, promising to snag a guaranteed Jackpot prize by matching three tokens. Let the lightning-infused fun begin!

Get ready for a wild ride! Our Free Spins feature isn't' just exciting- it's a multiplying extravaganza! Watch the wins stack up with a growing Multiplier after each spin. And guess what? The party doesn't stop as long as those Stallion Wilds are strutting their stuff on the reels. We kick things off with a guaranteed Wild stack in the middle reel, and with each spin, it's like a Wild takeover for even bigger chances to strike it rich! Let the Free Spins frenzy begin.


Super Free Spins

Get ready to level up the fun! When those Free Spins symbols team up in pairs, it is not just a glow-up; it's a mesmerizing light show! Watch as they work their magic on your Super Free Spins meter, cranking up the excitement meter towards a whole new gaming adventure. 

Here's the scoop: once the Super Free Spins Symbols get an upgrade, make way for the precious Super Free Spins symbols. These bad boys are locked, loaded, and ready to kick off an epic gaming mode when three of them land. Get set for a spin-tastic journey into the world of Super Free Spins- where the wins are as dazzling as the symbols themselves.

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