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Updated: Jun 10, 2021 was asking our CEO and Founder, Johan Persson, about Just For The Win, our games, and future trends.

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Just for the Win specializes in the development of video slots optimized for seamless desktop to mobile play. The young company celebrates its 5th year in the industry and has already secured a major distribution deal with Microgaming. While the current portfolio is comprised of a growing number of slots and 12 more on the way in 2021! We caught up with Johan Persson, CEO and Founder of the Stockholm-based company, to discuss a variety of topics including the team’s thoughts on the future of online gambling. Read on to learn more about Just For The Win!

Q: Please give us a rundown of the company’s history since its launch in 2016. Also, where are the headquarters are located?

A: I worked with LeoVegas, and part of that project was to make a couple of custom games. That's where I met Jay Sopp and we hit it off; we enjoyed speaking about the same things - especially on game development - and then, by chance, we ran into each other in Munich Airport in 2015. We sat down and had a coffee and just said, "We should start a studio". It took about a year of planning and then we started in April 2016. And here we are… about to have our fifth anniversary. We’re headquartered in Stockholm.

Q: For players, the features are a critical aspect of slot play. What sort of features have you implemented into your games?

A: We know what players want from a slot. For instance, we see what works in different markets - or what different players like - and we then try to position ourselves so that our portfolio covers 100 percent of the available customers in the different markets. That could be, for example, a feature in one game in one market, and a boost mode or a different type of theme for other markets. It's all about diversity; you need to have a very diverse portfolio so that everyone can find something in our games that they like.

Q: The name ‘Just for the Win’ not only implies a passion for developing stellar games, but also a competitive streak. What sets you guys apart from the competition in the market?

“It's all about diversity; you need to have a very diverse portfolio.”

A: We don't strive to be different from everyone else; we focus only on ourselves and we focus on what we believe in. We put our energy there. We just want to make the best games possible, to be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Q: What is the extent of your partnership with Microgaming?

A: We really enjoy the partnership with Microgaming. The distribution is fantastic and we are able to reach hundreds of customers. Not only that, the support we get is great and it has been since day one.

Q: With a modest selection of games already live within the portfolio, can you tell us what’s coming next?

A: We're going to continue in the same manner; we're going to reiterate and improve our portfolio and release 12 games this year that we believe is going to be great and that our customers will enjoy playing. And with 12 games going live this year I think there's going to be something in there for everyone.

Q: Mobile performance has taken center stage among iGaming software providers. Where do you see technology heading in the future and/or how do you intend to fill gaps in the market?

A: I've heard many times that people think that VR is the next big thing; I do not believe that games will go into VR. I think phones are going to get faster. All of these different solutions will combine into a smartphone along with payments. We're going to try and be on the leading edge in supporting as many devices as possible so that not only can people with the latest iPhones play, but that also the ones with cheaper phones can play - it's very important to cover those gaps.

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