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Updated: Dec 3, 2021

CasinosHunter was asking our CEO and Founder, Johan Persson about challenges, milestones, and his outlook for the future. Read the full article of CasinosHunter’s website.

Just For The Win was founded in 2016 in Sweden by Johan Persson and Jay Sopp. In 2017, the company showed its first online casino game, Goldwyn’s Fairies, at the ICE Totally Gaming show in London. This 20 line, five-reel slot machine used a magical theme and colourful design, and drew attention to the company almost immediately.

Just For The Win became exclusive software suppliers to Microgaming, thus getting a boost to their vision and approach in terms of mechanics and technology, and games by this provider became available to players on many markets, globally. Obviously this was a powerful start for a comparatively new developing studio. However, it would be unfair to claim or think that only collaboration with Microgaming allowed Just For The Win to win so much attention so quickly. Exceptional quality, original, unique designs of games, and close attention to user experience in each game make Just For The Win stand out from the crowd.

At the time of writing this overview, Just For The Win has 40+ high quality online casino games, backed by a team of around 50 people. The company’s main focus is real money online slots for mobile and desktop gambling platforms. If you would like to learn more about games by Just For The Win and where to find them (hint: where Microgaming games are available), check out this fresh Q&A by CasinosHunter with Johan Persson, CEO & Founder at Just For The Win.

Q/A Session With Johan Persson, CEO & Founder Just For The Win

CEO & Founder Just For The Win

Hello Johan! Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you about Just For The Win studio and its products. Could you please tell a bit more about yourself and about Just For The Win for our readers?

Hi there! I'm Johan, a middle-aged Swedish guy that has been in the online gaming industry for around ten years. I started working at LeoVegas back in 2011 and founded Just For The Win with Jay Sopp in 2016.

Just For The Win are a passionate group of roughly 50 slot loving people who love to play and make games. We are never better than our last release, so we focus on learning and improving. Currently offers around 40 high-quality premium video slots, all available exclusively on Microgaming's award-winning platform.

Could you please tell us how you got the idea of creating an online slots development studio, and what difficulties you had to face during your first few years?

I have been working in the industry since 2011 when I joined a casino operator startup named LeoVegas. That was one hell of a ride, and I learned so much about the industry, especially about games and how to use games in the operator promotions etc.

I have always been into gaming, and after working with Jay Sopp on a custom game for LeoVegas, it felt like a logical step to start a studio. Our biggest challenge was to find the correct distribution. You might build the best games, but without distribution the players won't find it. Enter Microgaming with their extensive network, ultimately leading to many players getting to play our games.

In your opinion, what are the key advantages and differences of Just For The Win compared to other online slot developers?

Just For The Win sets out to create fun, feature-rich titles with unique features and mechanics. We always go the extra mile to make the best games with the broadest player reach. We want the player to feel they are playing a Just For The Win game.

You are one of the top suppliers of the Microgaming platform. What has the collaboration with Microgaming provided?

Microgaming brings years of experience to the table. Being able to use them as a sounding board in our decision-making has been invaluable. Combining that with the distribution network helped our product improve and reach a broad customer base.

Since the studio opened you’ve grown a nice portfolio of 40+ slots, including the unique Mega Moolah and WowPot technologies by Microgaming in two of your slot games. Do you have plans to make new products using these progressive jackpot technologies?

I can't go into details on our roadmap without revealing too much, but what I can say is that we always aim to create games that we feel the market needs. There will always be a demand for life-changing jackpot games like our Juicy Joker Mega Moolah and Sherlock & Moriarty: WowPot, which both are a part of Microgaming's progressive jackpot network.

Could you please tell our readers more about the slots development process at Just For The Win?

I think we have a very inclusive process at Just For The Win. Anyone in the company can pitch an idea for a game. We put it on our development roadmap if the game passes the usual checks for "a good game". Within the teams, no single individual owns a project. Instead, we include everyone in all parts of development to understand the product inside and out. We believe that makes a better product – when everyone is part of the development.

Today, your most recent release is the Elven Gold online slot. Could you tell our readers a bit more about it?

Elven Gold is the third game in the 'Western Gold' franchise. The mechanic in these games is popular with players, and we wanted to deliver different themes and volatilities to suit a wider audience. The original, Western Gold, has a max win of 10,000x. The Leprechaun-themed Emerald Gold has a max of 25,000x. Finally, the magical Elven Gold is somewhere in the middle, with a max win of 15,000x. You also get stacked Wilds in Elven Gold, which was not in the original, and you can buy the feature if you don't feel like waiting, regulation permitting.

Can you name the top 3 or top 5 slots by Just For The Win that should be checked out by a person who has never played your games before?

Tough question! I'll give you the ones that meant most to us as a company. These are the ones that left marks.

1: Goldwyn Fairies. Our first game. We worked against the clock, day and night, to deliver this game. It is loved by many and will always have a special meaning to Just For The Win.

2: Deco Diamonds. I would like to say this is a true Just For The Win classic; It never gets old, and I still play it from time to time.

3: Wolf Howl. A highly volatile, feature-rich game with the option to buy into the free spins. Give it a go!

4: Our Gold series of titles including Elven Gold, Western Gold and Emerald Gold combining player-favourite mechanics, diverse themes and big win potential.

Thank you very much for the Q&A, Johan! Can I also ask you to tell our readers a bit more about what new titles should we expect from Just For The Win in the near future?

The pleasure was all mine! Thanks for having me. We are excited about our first holiday-themed game that will be released later this year. And as for 2022, all I can say is that it is looking promising. Hopefully, I can share more on that next time.

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