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Golden Fields

Farm life is a fun life, and it can also bring you a fortune!


Give some water to the thirsty flowers on your Golden Fields, and they will turn into unrestrained Wild Plants that cover the entire reel and bring a rich harvest!


Your hen lays golden eggs, but to turn this miracle into true riches, you should help her gather the missing eggs. As a sign of gratitude, the hen will let you into the chicken coop Bonus Game to hatch huge Cash Prizes!


Golden Fields

Gather your crops carefully, and enjoy the Harvest Time Free Spins, where a blooming Multiplier grows by one after every spin, and every Wild Flower turns into a Wild Plant covering your whole reel with Wilds. With enough corn, you can burst your harvest and turn it into a Super Free Spins harvest festival with a 5x starting Multiplier!


Enjoy the fruits of your labor and reap the benefits from your Golden Fields!


Wild Plants

Bonus Game

The thirsty sunflowers on your Golden Fields require three splashes of water from the Water Symbols to burst with a rich harvest of big wins. Each Water Symbol that lands in the Base Game is added to its respective Plant Holder atop the associated reel advancing it by 1. When the Plant Holder is full, the next spin will activate the Wild Plant feature.


These are Sticky Expanding Wilds that can be activated in Base Game, Free Spins, and Super Free Spins. When the Wild Plants feature is triggered on any reel, a Wild Symbol will appear on the top of that reel (in Base Game) or the current position of the triggering Regular Wild (in Free Spins and Super Free Spins). For each game round, the Wild will expand down one step until it reaches the bottom position.

Like in the fairy tale, you are a lucky owner of a unique hen that lays golden eggs. The only thing is - she always needs to remember where she laid them! Help the hen gather missing eggs, and when the hatching time comes, you will be invited to the chicken coop Bonus Game to hatch huge Cash Prizes - 15x, 40x, 200x, or even 5,000x bet!


Free Spins

Super Free Spins Collection

Gather your crops carefully, land 3 Free Spin Corns, and enjoy the Harvest Time Free Spins, where every Wild turns into a Wild Plant! The golden corn Multiplier grows by one after every spin starting from 1x, generously increasing after every win. The indefinite amount of spins depends only on the Wild Plants and lasts until there are no visible Wilds on the reels.

Corn crops are slow-growing, but don’t forget: slow and steady wins the race! Every 2 Corn Free Spins symbols collected will increase the Super Free Spins Meter in the Base Game by 1 point. When your harvest reaches 20 points, you’ll be able to attend the Super Free Spins harvest festival with starting Multiplier 5x and two Wild Plants already blooming on the reels.

This event is so hot that corn seeds turn into popcorn right in the air!

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