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Divine Riches Diana

Let the Greek Goddess of the Moon bless you with pays-both-ways Diana symbols. When moonlight falls on the Earth, the Divine Huntress, Diana, invites the bravest heroes to join her in the godly hunt. Try your luck, collect sacred tokens and go hunting for Divine Rewards with Diana and her spiritual pack.


Divine Riches Diana

Hunt down at least 3 sun symbols in the Base Game, and the Goddess, Diana, will guide you to Free Spins, where immortals compete to win godlike prizes. 

The Goddess favors the bravest hunters! Gather Diana symbols and experience the Fortunes of Diana - her powerful upgrade blessings for your symbols. Conquer the skies and become equal to the gods!


Diana symbol: Pays both ways

Divine Rewards

You can choose any way to go if Diana’s moonlight illuminates your path and the Goddess’ pays-both-ways blessing rests upon you! The sacred Diana symbols pay both ways starting from the leftmost or rightmost reels.

During your adventures, collect the sacred Hunter’s Tokens - proof of your hunting prowess - and sacrifice them to the Divine Huntress, Diana, to win her favor. One day the Goddess will come down to you by the moonbeam and invite you to join her in the Divine Rewards Hunt.


Diana’s sacred divination will define how big your prey will be. Listen to your intuition, pick her ceremonial coins mindfully, and accept the prediction! Perhaps today you will hunt a Big 15x, Major 40x, Mega 200x, or even Divine 5,000x beast!


Free Spins and Fortunes of Diana feature

To join the celestial Free Spins competition, hunt down at least 3 sun symbols in the base game. Diana will guide her favorite Champion through the toughest challenges and help you to collect her symbols for the Fortunes of Diana ritual. With every 12 Diana symbols collected, Moon Goddess will apply an upgrade blessing to one of your symbols and grant you 2 extra Free Spins. Legends say she will do it until all other symbols turn to Diana symbols!

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