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Amazing Catch

What do you prefer? Rainbow trout, elusive perch, or majestic sturgeon? Spin rod or fly rod? Daybreak or sunset fishing? Learn 243 ways of angling on this generous lake and bring your Amazing Catch trophy home!


Playful goldfishes here are worth some sweet cash. Prey on them in schools when it’s daytime, or arm yourself with golden Collect hooks when the Free Spins sunset falls for an even richer catch!


Amazing Catch

While angling, watch your bobber closely. Every time the fish strikes, you have a chance to hunt for unique prey on the Fishing Super Wheel with stakes as high as 5,000x bet!


There is an old fishermen’s belief that you can bait your luck with 3 Golden Lures and win 10 attempts to cast your fishing rod in the Free Spins lake. Give it a try, and you will get a tremendous reward! Put more Golden Lures to good use, multiply your catch by up to 25x, and get more attempts to spin the reel!


Money Symbols

Super Wheel

Goldfishes are playing in the warm shallow waters of the lake, each worth 0.5x - 100x bet. Catch them on the adjacent waterways starting from the leftmost reel to win their values added together!


Fancy some special tools to make your fishing results even more fruitful in Free Spins? Try the golden Collect hook; silly goldfishes can’t resist this precious glimmering bait. One hook landed on the last reel attracts all money fishes present on the reels!

Observe the bobber carefully, as the slightest movement can give you a hint that your Big Fish is near and striking! Hook it immediately and let the Fishing Super Wheel decide what prey you will take home today. Will it be Big carp worth 20x or Major 50x bass? Or do you hope for a huge Mega 250x salmon? And the luckiest fisherman will brag to friends about a spectacular Super 5000x sturgeon caught from the Wheel!


Free Spins

Professional fishermen say that sunset fishing is very different from daytime fishing. Warm Free Spin lake waters are teeming with fish waiting to be caught. Land 3 Golden Lures and let the real fishing championship begin! Use your first 10 Free Spins wisely to land more Golden Lures and raise your chances for an Amazing Catch!


Golden Lure symbols only appear on reels 1,3 and 5 in the Free Spins lake. They will fill empty sockets in the precious Multiplier progression meter, leading to higher catch multipliers and additional spins.


The Free Spins multiplier progression meter is divided into five levels, each with its own multiplier. The levels are: x1, x2, x3, x5 and x25.


4 Golden Lure symbols are needed to unlock the next multiplier level. Unlocking a level will award 5 extra Free Spins when activated. An unlocked level becomes active when the current level is completed. Free Spins fishing adventure continues until all unlocked levels have played out.

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