Just For The Win.

We are a software development company that creates great gaming content with a focus on video slots for mobile and desktop in the free to play and online gambling market. Our players play our games for the same reason we design them: Just For The Win.

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Shine your boots, put on your hat, bring your gun and saddle up - it’s time to fetch some lucky horseshoes and win that Western Gold.

Set in the wildest of wests and accompanied by heavy blues, this game will bring out the sheriff in you. Collect horseshoes with every spin, and the more you get – the more money you win!

Wolf Howl

Leave this stressful world behind and enter the raw North American nature. Fill your lungs with adventurous air, make your fire under the open sky and observe the animals live freely in their wild kingdom.

When darkness finally falls, hear the wolves howling at the rising moon.


Wolf Howl, is a high-value game where landing moons calls the wild wolfpack to unlock Wilds with massive multipliers.



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Immortal Glory

Enter the gigantic arena, wave to the roaring crowd – the mighty torch is finally lit.

Set in ancient Greece, Immortal Glory lets three powerful athletes throw the iron discus, put the heavy shot, and run like the wind. All in the quest to win the most honourable metal: gold.


Immortal Glory is a dynamic and exciting Jackpot-game with 40 lines, Glory Spins, and Stacked Wilds on fire.

Immortal Glory - Characters with backgro

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