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Just For The Win.

We are a software development company that creates great gaming content with a focus on video slots for mobile and desktop in the free to play and online gambling market. Our players play our games for the same reason we design them: Just For The Win.


We share your passion for games


Welcome to the land of chocolate rivers and milkshake clouds! Pick your favorite candy, and discover a whole new world of taste and the miracles of Candy Paradise!

Rubies Of Egypt

The mighty Pharaoh greets the pilgrims in a mesmerizing Ruby Temple. Legend says that anything he touches turns into gold, and the perfect symmetry of his face pays generously both ways.



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The Eternal Widow_ENG.png

The Eternal Widow

The lovely mistress welcomes her guests in a dreamlike yet gloomy estate with traces of the luxury of centuries gone by. Her face is pretty, and she generously presents her guests with valuable gifts, but don't let your guard down. Her name is Eternal Widow, and these plump red lips hide a pair of thirsty fangs!


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