Tiki Vikings

Welcome to TIKI VIKINGS, a fun, whacky, humid yet frozen paradise!

The game holds 5 reels, 3 rows, 20 lines, and features Symbol Lock Re-spin and Symbol Upgrade.

Three tough Vikings decided to go on vacation to Hawaii and they loved it so much, they decided to bring the tiki party back home with them!

Socks, sandals, and horned helmets are all the fashionable rage in this game adorned with lush colors, coconuts, pineapples, and… err, the occasional disruptive frozen windstorm?!

Just give them a few minutes to defrost and the party will be alive and kicking again!

Symbol Lock and Symbol Upgrade

All winning symbols that are not J, Q, K, and A and all symbols which are identical to winning symbols will be locked and a Re-spin will be awarded. After a Re-spin, if more symbols of a locked type or other winning symbols that are not J, Q, K, and A have landed, then these symbols are locked and another Re-spin is awarded. With every spin that results in at least one symbol lock, the Symbol Upgrade meter on the side of the screen will increase by one step. When the Symbol Upgrade meter is full, the Symbol Upgrade feature will trigger. The feature will end when no additional Re-spins are awarded or when all symbols on the screen are locked.


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